Curved Grille


Single deflection grille


Double deflection grille


Circular Grille


Non-Vision Grille


Egg Crate Grille


Floor Grille




Armstrong board Diffuser


Tegular Diffuser


Circular Diffuser


Stripline Diffuser


Slot Diffuser


Perferated Diffuser


Jet Diffuser


Swirl Diffuser


Exhaust Valve


Aluminium Louver 




Fire Damper


Aluminium Collar Damper


M.S Collar Damper


Access Door



  • Manufactured in High Quality Mild Steel or Galvanized Iron.
  • Designed to control air volume in all air Handling application.
  • Meters air volume precisely from fully open or fully closed can be locked at desired setting.
  • Suitable for grilles, Diffuser and Duct Mounting.
  • Opposite blade and Parallel blade Configuration available.
  • Standard Finish: Heat Resistance paint.
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