Curved Grille


Single deflection grille


Double deflection grille


Circular Grille


Non-Vision Grille


Egg Crate Grille


Floor Grille




Armstrong board Diffuser


Tegular Diffuser


Circular Diffuser


Stripline Diffuser


Slot Diffuser


Perferated Diffuser


Jet Diffuser


Swirl Diffuser


Exhaust Valve


Aluminium Louver 




Fire Damper


Aluminium Collar Damper


M.S Collar Damper


Access Door



Perferated Diffuser
  • Manufactured in High Quality Aluminium Sheet and extrusion profiles.
  • Ideal for Supply / Return air Through False Ceiling.
  • Accurately Punched perforations using CNC Machine.
  • To Suit Standard Tile Size of 600mm x600mm or 600mm x 300mm.
  • Non Standard Size also Manufacture upon Request.
  • Standard Finish: Natural anodized & Powder coated.
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